It was six hardy souls that gathered at Irvine Cross this for this weeks Sunday Run. With the cold front gripping the West Coast and a Gravel Splinter Group heading to Whitelee for the morning, big numbers couldn't be expected. Joe Boyle made everyone feel just a little bit colder by turning up in shorts, I can only hope he had his suncream on! George called thr route and off we went, up through Kilwinning to Saltcoats, taking a left and climing up above the Three Towns. Cold as it was it was great riding up and over to Dalry, the fields glistening white with frost, descending into the town with the worst placed traffic lights in the world. Up to Kilbirnie and down the Garnock Valley the temperatures plummeted, until we climbed back up to spectacular views of low lying mist in the valley. Through Barmill to the main road, we rode down to Torranyard and over to Kilmaurs for a well earned cafe stop. Bellies filled, we headed for Gatehead and Dundonald. Dundonald Hill was almost welcome, to get the body heat up. A great run, with members getting anywhere between 30 and 50 miles.