All meteorological indications for Sunday were poor, so the regular Club Run was postponed. Except, that is, for six hardy souls who braved and mild temperatures for a 50 mile circuit of the North Ayrshire lanes. The wind was incredibly strong and presented a stiff challenge as it buffeted the riders journeying inland towards Barmill. Road Captain Mikey Allen, normally in charge of mudguard policing operations, was conspicuous by being mudguard-less. Bravely, however, he opted to spare following riders from spray by sheltering at the back of the bunch for the duration, along with antisocial club run star Gary Arneil. Rider Joe Boyle, in regulation shorts, was in possession of a bike sporting the latest in disc brake technology. The merest hint of pressure on the brake levers led not just to strong and assured braking, but a deafening squeak. The front brake squeaked at a higher tone than the rear, meaning a tolerable rendition of the Dukes of Hazard Dixie horn could be brought forth at every junction. By the time the Kilmaurs cafe stop arrived the full La Cucaracha had been perfected. Finishing the hilly and windy route required, of course, a trip to the top of Dundonald Hill. Good steady, social, winter training miles; 2000 feet of climbing and no punctures.