Season's greetings to Fullarton Wheeler's members past, present and future. And what better way to celebrate the festive period than with a delve into the club archives and travel back to 1994 and the ghost of Christmas past. The annual Fullarton Festive 10 was "a fun event [which] attracted 28 competitors. With a cutting wind and blustery snow showers the course proved demanding. Dressed as chickens, ducks, superman, sailors, and of course Santa Claus, motorists were astonished." Tweetie Pie narrowly avoid last place whilst the winner - disguised as a fast cyclist - came within 18 seconds of the course record(!). 1994 was also the year the then Club Chairman was, to quote the newspaper report, "knocked off his bike by a flying deer". It is unclear whether it had a red nose and was called rudolph. Happy Christmas.