Every year FWCC run a festive bake off and pop quiz competition expertly organised by member Neil Colquhoun. Cake is a foodstuff with special meaning for cyclists. Due to the extreme physical exertion demanded by cycle racing there is often an urgent requirement for cake, the more calorific the better. Cyclists are, in fact, cake connoisseurs, able to discern a gateau from a soggy bottomed sponge, and willing to make long and elaborate rides to seek out the best offerings from Ayrshire’s cafe's. The judging panel this year comprised FWCC's foremost cake experts in the form of Ian Hackney, Howie Christie, Brian Johnson, George Gass and Richard Sykes. All of the cakes were homemade, although whose home was open to some conjecture, and the winning entrant from Sean Barron came from his workplace (an actual cake factory). The pop quiz represented a sterner test of mainly 1980's musical knowledge. The team headed by FWCC's resident 1980's pop star Chris Staples did not win. That honour went to the team comprised of the cake judges, demonstrating that cake has both physical and mental benefits. Season's Greetings.