Lorna Sloan and Dalry-based cyclocross star Scott Alexander McKendrick represented FWCC at the Doonbank Trofee CX race on Sunday. This popular event is well known for its difficult muddy terrain and exciting racing. Fortunately, McKendrick was constantly on hand to prevent breakaways from the back of the racing bunch. Dispensing with his trademark racing shirt, which was possibly washed on too high a setting by his wife judging by the strain on the buttons, rider McKendrick opted for club colours; although this too appeared a trifle snug with a particularly skin tight aerodynamic look. This was set off by a decathlon rockrider helmet, calf guards, and short length thermal socks. The gloves, unfortunately, did not match but £4.25 spent on eBay rewarded with pair of used MTB shoes with three large velcro straps per shoe. Thus equipped, McKendrick could race in the knowledge that whatever happened in this unpredictable event, his shoes would stay on his feet...and stay on his feet they did, helping the North Ayrshire speedster deliver a creditable mid-to-back-of-the-pack placing. Lorna Sloan, meanwhile, came third.

Image courtesy of Ayr Burners/Kenny Girvan