The purpose of Fullarton Wheeler's cycle club is to enable people to enjoy cycling to the best of their abilities. What better way than to match different abilities in two person teams and send them off on a short 6.5 mile time trial. This is the not entirely serious FWCC Mixed Ability event which took place on Sunday. Some of the pairings were most peculiar. Legendary lung capacity speedster Gordon Stead was paired with legendary heart and lung transplantee Stevie Donaldson. Completing the circuit in a time of 18:06 rider Stead had breath spare to hurl fulsome 'encouragement' to his teammate. The encouragement was so gentle and supportive it could be heard from a mile distant. The Derek Skinner and Jim Seenan star pairing were sitting pretty on the winner's chair with a time of 17.29, until hard men Gass and McCall pipped them by one second, something they took absolutely no pleasure in doing. Odds on favourites McKendrick and Beck fulfilled expectations by coming fourth from last in 17:40, despite some innovative performance enhancing measures. It was also great to see riders Murray and Allen making a return to competition after injury and illness. The special 'international team' prize went to the Germanic/Scottish pairing of Beukleman and Broadfoot in 17:53, after which a great slew of mediocrity punched through the line in fairly quick succession, lead out by the second placed pairing of FWCC stalwart Jim Ryland and FWCC newbie Philip Murrison in 17.12. Victory, however, was claimed fair and square by the race organiser and the person responsible for the apparently 'mixed ability' pairings. The Sean Barron/Howie Christie little and large team thundered around the course in 16.33, nearly forty seconds clear of everyone else. A great fun event after which competitors and timekeepers repaired to the Rendevouz cafe in Kilmaurs for the stewards' inquiry.