Since 1934 there have been enough people in the Irvine area with a shared interest in cycling for them to gather around the idea of a cycling club. It's a living and breathing thing. Many of the founder members are long passed, and while there have been key individuals who featured heavily in FWCC history the club constantly evolves. The small committee of five years ago is different from the committee of today, and will no doubt be different again in future. ItÂ’s all about an idea, written down in the club constitution, to promote cycling and enable people to enjoy the health and fitness benefits to the best of their abilities. A little bit of organisation enables the club to be affiliated with various local and national cycling bodies, for new members to be welcomed, and for high profile cycling events to be organised. This time of year is when we thank committee members for their contribution, in particular outgoing Club Secretary Stephen Cassidy, Treasurer Peter Beukelman, and Open Events Coordinator Dave Walker. All have made a brilliant contribution this year, ensuring the idea of a cycle club in Irvine continues into its 84th year.