Sunday runs these past couple of weeks have been somewhat depleted due to end of season racing in Bute and this week's mega endurance ride to Aberdeen. Nonetheless, four hardy stalwarts arrived at Irvine Cross at 09:30 to ensure the eternal flame of Sunday cycling never gets extinguished. The group wound their way through Kilwinning for a look at the new Dalry bypass, onwards past the DSM factory, then out into some countryside proper with a climb up the Hilly Brae. Cresting the summit a clear blue sky and the sunlight twinkling off the sea provided a fantastic view. Descending into Largs it was a pitstop in Donaldson's Diner (rated 5* on Tripadvisor) for a George Clooney style Nespresso coffee and a tasty homemade ginger and chocolate confection. Just prior to departure it struck the group that every bike frame material was represented on the run. Rider Donaldson's carbon fibre wonder is the same stuff that Boeing 787 Dreamliner's are made of. Mikey Allan's new titanium special is the same material the supersonic SR-71 Blackbird was made of. Colin Gillie's aluminium machine is what the fuselage of Concorde was made of. Meanwhile, rider Walker's Reynolds 531 steel frame is what the engine subframes of WWII Spitfires were made of(!). Different bikes, different materials, different ways to enjoy the same 50 mile scenic cycle at the newly christened 'audax pace' (one down from 'steady').