FWCC mile munchers Sykes, McCall, Watters, Kean, Todd, Skinner, Ryland, Gass and Baron hit the 150 mark with a ride from Barassie to Berwick this week. A ride that literally no one has ever attempted previously (because why would you?) it does have a place in the training plan for round the world cyclist Mark Beaumont's upcoming 240 charity challenge. The intrepid team were supported by driver Hannah in a transit mini-bus and trailer combo as they threaded their way from coast to coast via the delights of Kelso and Lanark, the dream of a distant Barassie keeping the squad pushing ever forward. It was mission accomplished for all riders and, no doubt about it, it was a tough day in the saddle and great preparation for the hardships that await in September when they join Beaumont for a ride from the West Coast to Aberdeen(!).