They say that an essential leadership skill is to lead by example, and that is what Club Chairman Derek Skinner did on Sunday by posting a commendable 23:09 in the Dooleys 10 Mile Time Trial. Last year at this same event John Archibald broke the Scottish Record with an amazing time of 18 minutes 38 seconds. Rider Skinner braved the poor weather on the normally fast Westferry course and like all the other competitors, found it tough going. Veteran speed merchant Gordon Graham hit a pothole which dislodged his bars so unfortunately had to retire. Stevie Watters did well with a 23.25, and likewise Stevie Donaldson with a good for the day in the mid 26 mins. Fellow FWCC competitor Fraser Bell was also there. Despite threatening retirement from the time trialling discipline for at least six months, a time of 23:54 shows that Rider Bell has still got it where it counts. But it was the FWCC women riders who dominated. Catherine Logan won first V50 female, joint FWCC/Sprockets rider Natalie Hunter was third overall female, and Aileen Clyde second. Only the extremely rapid Lynsey Curran beat them (and rider Skinner by a second).