The annual Club 10 takes place on the Eglington course, known for being one of the fastest in Scotland and shortly to play host to the CTT National 10 in September. This week Fullarton Wheelers members put down some times for the professionals and top amateurs to beat. First off the line was Gary Arneil, bucking the aerodynamic advantages of a specialist time trial machine by not actually owning one, yet having sufficient power in reserve to wave at a roadside photographer. A time of 28 minutes 18 seconds was comfortably within the all-important 30 minute barrier. Defibrillators were on standby as riders Boyle and Gillies, again on regular road machines, gasped across the finish line in 26:58 and 26:28, and were both comfortably beaten by Steve Donaldson in 26:14 who returned from the glamour of continental road racing especially to take part. Neil Colquhoun, returning from the glamour of Saltcoats, beat them all in a time of 26:03. Three riders had times within the 25 minute bracket. Beth Macrae put in an excellent ride, beating her personal best with 25:45 and also rider Seenan by one second. Rider Walker set out to provide a masterful demonstration of it being about the rider not the bike. He didn't just use a normal road machine, but one from 1986 with big loopy brake cables that whistled in the wind. A time of 25:25 demonstrated that both the rider and the bike were found wanting. Into the 24 minute bracket and Catherine Logan continued her excellent form this season by being fastest female with 24:42. An injured, and soon to be engaged (the two events are not connected) Ally Kinnaird punched through the timing beam in 24:29, leaving a battle royale between Peter McLardy and Dalry's fastest roadman Scott Alexander McKendrick. McKendrick prevailed by five seconds. Into the 23 minute bracket and some of the Club's riders were really flying, especially time trialist McCall who achieved a personal best with 23.17. Rider Patterson, despite the aerodynamic disadvantages of a road bike and a moustache, powered around in a superb 23:38. But both of them couldnÂ’t match veteran Stevie Watters (23:05). Frazer Bell has been threatening to give up time trialling all season, but nonetheless broke the 23 minute barrier with 22:52, missing a podium place by just 7 seconds from Club Chairman Derek Skinner whose time of 22:45 was enough for third. This left Gordon Graham and Chris Staples to fight it out for the top spot. They have been trading victories all the way through Fullarton Wheelers 2018 Summer League with the overall victor still far from assured with two events still left to run. This week it was the turn of rider Staples to deal a body blow to rider Graham's chances, breaking the 22 minute barrier with a blistering time of 21:50, 20 seconds clear of rider Graham's still superb time of 22:10. Can the elite in the upcoming CTT National 10 match this? One of next month's entrants is current national 10 mile time trial champion Marcin Bialoblocki, whose record breaking time of 16 minutes 35 seconds is an astonishing five minutes clear of Chris Staples. Another entrant for September's Nationals is 13 year old Zoe Backstedt. Her personal best time is enough to have beaten Club Chairman Derek Skinner into third place. So the answer is probably yes.