More racing success for rider Cadge Patterson who took the winning spot in this week's summer league event with an impressive 36 minutes 53 seconds over the hilly 14 mile Ardrossan Dams course. Whilst not quite in the same league as the thrilling Alpe d'Huez summit finish in the Tour de France, Cadge's victory is still historic. This is the last time club riders will be able to ride the evergreen Ardrossan Dams course. It will shortly become un-raceable when a new set of traffic lights appear on the A78 at the bottom of Yerton Brae. Indeed, the preparatory roadworks added an extra dimension of excitement on Thursday as a trench dug into the road had to be bunny-hopped at speed. The course itself starts on Busbie Road and climbs away from Ardrossan before angling downwards for a fast descent past the eponymous dams. It's then sharp left on to the lumpy Dalry Road where the skinny emaciated climbers like Sean Barron, Del Young and Chris Staples can begin to gain time over the bigger 'rouleurs' like Derek Skinner, Gordon Graham and Mikey Allan. It's then right onto Kilrusken Road and the gradual descent to Hunterston which sees the bigger, more powerful riders draw ahead again. Climbing away from West Kilbride on the Ardrossan High Road the flat stage riders, tiring now, are once again overhauled by the lightweight climbers. It is a difficult race to call, and one that favours all-rounders like John Deans (39:36), Neil Colquhoun (41:46) and Joe Boyle (45:22). Special mention must go to second place Gordon Graham who is clearly in the form of his (very long) life with a superb 37:22, not including a longer than expected ride to the event itself. Rider Del Young also managed to complete the event without any form of insect stinging him or getting stuck in a nostril or ear hole. Congratulations. The next event is the hotly contested Club 10 Mile Time Trial on the 9th August at which Catherine Logan and Chris Staples will be looking to defend their overall leads in this year's exciting summer league.