The Tour de France kicked off on Saturday with a monstrous 125 mile long stage. A huge day out for even seasoned Club riders, but not for an intrepid group of Fullarton Wheelers who clocked up an even more impressive 159 miles. This extra-long distance ride was not in aid of the Tour but world circumnavigation record holder Mark Beaumont. Later this summer FWCC will be taking their place alongside Beaumont to ride from Argyll to Aberdeen, via Loch Lomond, the Cairngorms, and Glenshee, a total distance of 240 milesÂ…in one day. The ride will recreate Beaumont's final 16-hour training session before he headed to Paris to claim the round the world record. Put in that context, this weekend's 159-mile effort is just the start of training. Riders Derek Skinner, Gordon Stead, Brian Loye, John Todd, Alan McCall, Sean Barron, Darren Kean, George Gass, and others, got up in time for a 05:00 start and completed four stints with short thirty minute breaks in between. The training will all be worth it, though, because the aim of the ride is not to win a yellow jersey but to raise money to help children and young people affected by poverty in Scotland. The attempt is also being filmed for an STV telethon: stay tuned for further updates over the coming weeks.