FWCC riders Catherine Logan and Gordon Graham continue a run of racing success. Logan was the outright female winner in the nine mile Tour of Cumbrae TT with a time of 24 minutes 10 seconds. Several other FWCC riders also collected a prize envelope, including youth rider Conal Davidson and the decidedly non-youth riders Peter McLardy, Allan Duncan and Derek Skinner. Rider Skinner was the fastest FWCC competitor of the day with a magnificent 21:03, just 23 seconds behind the outright winner David Griffiths (Bioracer Project GO) and enough to break into the top ten. Logan continued her run of success with another outright female victory in the Glasgow United 10 Mile Time Trial, completing the course in 26:42. She was joined on the top step of the podium by Gordon Graham who achieved his first race victory since carbon fibre bikes were invented. Rider Graham is having a fantastic season and is in great form. While lesser mortals are warming up on static trainers, downing energy gels, and using bikes with more gears than a 42 ton truck, Graham is usually lying on the grass with a bonnet over his eyes saying he will warm up on way to the start line and 'ride into the race'…on a single speed machine. His time of 22:32 was 12 seconds faster than second placed rider Michael Robb (Carrick CC) and over a minute clear of the next placed veteran Christopher Watters (VC Glasgow South).