In a break from tradition the Club's annual Summer League is taking place in actual summer weather. With the mercury touching 21 degrees the conditions were perfect for Event 4: a twenty five mile individual time trial. Taking place this year over a compact and rather complex circuit, no one got lost and four riders beat the all-important one hour barrier. The overall winner was once again Gordon Graham in a blistering 57 minutes one second, beating Chris Staples into second place by one minute twenty four seconds, and third placed rider Derek Skinner by over two minutes. The fastest women's rider was again Catherine Logan in a brilliant time of 1:04:11. Further down the field Kilmarnock road man Ally Kinnaird was riding his first '25' and found it tough going. "The first ten miles were fine, but I started seizing up in the second half". Nevertheless, 1:02:44 is a very good time and bodes well for future events. Rider Stevie Gillon also deserves mention with a time of 1:05:05, the fastest time set on a conventional, rather than specialist time trial bike. Indeed, rider Gillon was the only competitor on a normal road machine. The overall Summer League 2018 standings after event four see Chris Staples cling on to his lead, with Gordon Graham, Derek Skinner, Sean Barron and Alistair Kinnaird in the top five snapping at his heels. The next event is the hilly Ardrossan Dams circuit on 19th July.