After all the fine weather these past few weeks it was time for the heavens to open and for some brave Fullarton Wheelers to receive a soaking in the Glasgow VC South ten mile time trial. On the plus side, the warm-ups were done in the comfort of the FWCC branded 'EZ-up', a portable tent structure which managed to keep everyone’s kit dry, the wind at bay, and the FWCC outfit looking very professional. There was also a bit of inspiration to be gained from warming up next to the fastest Scotsman and certainly one of the fastest track riders in the world, John Archibald. The conditions were ‘Scottish summer’: very wet, very windy, pot-holed and rough roads, diesel spills and generally far from a day for record breaking. It takes a lot to slow John down though, and the course record, 19' 56", previously held by double British 25m TT Champion Jason MacIntyre, was taken with an extremely impressive 19' 41". Fullarton Wheelers, meanwhile, had their own prize winner in Catherine Logan who was the fastest woman rider in 26’ 16” “I can't believe it”, Catherine exclaimed, “it's fifty pounds!” Due to the poor weather there were a good number of non-starters in the field of 83 riders, so Fullarton Wheelers can be proud that all nine of our entries rode and finished. Finishing times are as follows:

Gordon Raleigh: 28' 29"
Scott Gourlay: 26' 25"
Martin Shields: 27' 22"
Catherine Logan: 26' 16"
Steve Watters: 24' 59"
Frazer Bell: 25' 04"
Derek Skinner: 24' 10"
Alan Duncan: 24' 26"
Gordon Graham: 22' 54" (missed the vets prize by 1")

Image courtesy of: Cycle Photography Scotland