Saturday also saw the Fullarton time trial contingent arrive on-mass for the Falkirk Bicycle Club 10 mile time trial. This is a popular early-season event with no fewer than 89 riders being sent off at one minute intervals. The course is not one which requires riders to hold the handlebars straight and give maximum power for as long as possible. Instead it kicks off with a frenetic downhill start, several sharp turns, and at the point of maximum exhaustion a sharp hill back up to the finish line. It was also not a morning for record breaking times; it was all relative to the other competitors. On those terms the Fullarton squad performed well. Gordon Graham provided yet another masterful demonstration of how old-age and cycling wisdom trumps youth and inexperience by winning the Veteran 50 category in a blistering time of 23 minutes 19 seconds. Rider Stevie Watters' top secret winter training regime continues to bear fruit with a competitive time of 24 minutes 26 seconds. Another entry in the Fullarton Wheeler's annual book of excuses came from Club Chairman Derek Skinner ("a learner driver got in my way"), yet no excuses were needed because a time of 24 minutes 59 seconds was reasonably satisfactory. Stephen Donaldson didn't mention his excuse ("I've had a heart and lung transplant") and was delighted not to finish last. Darren Kean ("I followed another rider to the start line but he was actually doing a warm up so I was late by three minutes") posted an 'unofficial' time in the region of 23 minutes. If map-reading problems can be sorted out then his powerful riding bodes well for some fast times this season. Frazer Bell was a little disappointed with his time but, for the day, 25 minutes and 41 seconds was actually very good. Rider Martin Shields also posted a commendable time and, as a reward, on the Sunday Club Run the day after he was served his coffee and bacon roll first instead of last. A significant victory.