Sean Barron and Scott Alexander McKendrick represented Fullarton Wheelers at Saturday's inaugural Carrick Cycle Club Time Trial. The course was 17.8 miles long and began just south of Dalmellington on the A713. From there it was a 900 foot descent, skimming the edge of Loch Muck, through Eriff, and into the village of Carsphairn, at which point the riders turned for home and the 900 foot descent became a 900 foot ascent. Bike choice was key. Would the benefits of a specialist aerodynamic time trial bike on the downhill stretches outweigh the disadvantages uphill? Most competitors thought so. Sean Barron had to contend with the further disadvantage of cycling his time trial bike twenty miles from Ayr but it didn't stop him posting a competitive time of 47 minutes 25 seconds, enough for 21st place. Scott Alexander McKendrick, meanwhile, stunned everyone by wearing a 1980's vintage time trial helmet, and not coming last. In fact, the vintage helmet may have made all the difference. A time of 48 minutes 56 seconds silenced the assembled crowds. Far from coming last, McKendrick came 26th in a field of 35. Better than that, he broke the all-important 50 minute barrier and was almost half a minute clear of the next slowest rider. An excellent performance from Dalry's top rider who commented afterwards that "the post-race spread was fantastic with a special mention to the chewy rice crispy bites and the muffins neatly cocooned in brown folded napkins".