Away from the weekend's racing action other Club members were out and about on group rides. A Saturday bunch eleven strong met at the Loans Inn for some extra mileage. Hearts sank when resident Fullarton fast man Brian Loye arrived, and duly sat at the front of the group for mile after high-speed mile. Not one but two cafe stops were required just to keep up. The first came after the villages of Mossblown, Springs, and Skares had flown by in a blur. Refreshed and refuelled courtesy of the Da Vinci cafe on the edge of Cumnock, the group watched as rider Martin Shields ordered first and was served last, as usual, then it was off again to Sorn, Sorn Hill, Galston, and the long grinding climb up to Moscow. A reduced group was now all that was left after club chairman Derek Skinner, and others, made an early escape to Hurlford. After hints of earlier sunshine the clouds and chill were back, so it was another high speed dash through Waterside, the old A77, Clunch Road, Stewarton, and a final gasp to Kilmaurs. Never has the Rendezvous Cafe looked so welcoming. All in all a tough morning's cycle of 70 miles for most at an average speed of 18mph which, given the 4000+ feet of climbing, was well worth a slice of banoffee pie. Sunday saw the pace drop to something more leisurely. Departing, as ever, from the Portal in Irvine at 09:30 the destination for this week’s Sunday Club Run was Beith, via some well ridden Fullarton roads through Kilwinning and Barmill. The weather was good and the pace modest, making the return leg through Lugton and Torranyard particularly pleasant. Despite hosting us the day before, the welcome at the Rendezvous cafe was as warm as ever. Martin Shields once again ordered first and, twice in the same weekend, was served last, to everyone’s amusement. An enjoyable 35 mile ride at a steady 16 mph with 1500 feet of climbing in total.