Adoring fans for Fullarton's Criterium on the Campus race were in plentiful supply given that, earlier that morning, several more club members had taken part in the nearby Law Wheelers 10 Mile Time Trial. Like all Scottish time trial courses this one had a mysterious code name which translated into the A84 just outside Blair Drummond. There was some doubt about the course measurement, with some riders reporting an actual distance of 10.3 miles. In either case, this was not a morning for setting record-breaking times: it was freezing. More than twenty competitors did not start but the Fullarton contingent did, and in the process set some good times for the day. Transplant superstar Steve Donaldson rode a fixed wheel machine and posted a time of 28 minutes 33 seconds, which was narrowly beaten by Peter McLardy, with twenty two gears, in 28:06. Michael Allen and Fraser Bell are both good riders, so it is a measure of the difficulty of the course and the conditions that they each achieved times of 26:04 and 25:30. Easily three minutes slower than normal. Stevie Watters has been training hard all winter so the satisfaction in beating club chairman Derek Skinner by three seconds was all the sweeter (in a time of 24:33). Gordon Graham, however, provided a demonstration of how old age trumps youth and inexperience with a superb 15th place overall in a time of 24:13. All the more superb because like Steve Donaldson, he too was riding a fixed wheel machine.