The 2018 time trial season opened on Sunday with Fullarton Wheelers' annual Ice Breaker. As popular as ever, it had sold out within 24 hours of entries going live. One of the reasons is that Fullarton Wheeler's 10 mile time trial course is reputed to be among the fastest in Scotland. 120 competitors from as far away as Edinburgh and Dundee duly arrived in Irvine on Sunday to put down some times to beat. The conditions were excellent. The roads were empty, there was just a very light breeze, clear skies, and it was not even that cold. Race headquarters were based in Eglington Park and a large team of marshals and volunteers were on hand to ensure the event ran smoothly and safely, something well appreciated by the competitors. First off the line were time trial duo Mark Provan and Alan McCall, working well together to post a time of 26 minutes 35 seconds. A little later fellow Wheelers' Sean Barron and Gordon Stead arrived at the halfway turning point, steering carefully onto the downwind leg to finish in a very competitive time of 22 minutes 11 seconds. Natalie Hunter’s partner was not able to compete on the day but undeterred she took part alone, posting an individual time faster than some of the teams. Derek Skinner and Darren Kean were last seen sprinting powerfully away from the Paper Mill roundabout, their efforts rewarded with an excellent time of 22 minutes 28 seconds. And finally it was female racers Catherine Logan and Beth Mcrae, who swept through the turn and ended up finishing in just 25 minutes 18 seconds, unofficially the fourth fastest female pairing. All the timings are 'unofficial', sadly, because of an unusual yet rather painful crash. A mechanical fault left the rider in question having to be helped at the roadside, and in order to stop any disruption to other road users the decision was taken to terminate the race early. Fortunately, this is one of the most comprehensively marshalled events in the area so plenty of assistance was on hand and everything dealt with swiftly. Although bruised and battered we are pleased to report that the injured rider is doing well and was even kind enough to thank the organisers for their help. Indeed, all the competitors were extremely sporting and quick to reassure the organisers that finishing the race early was the right decision. There was even a round of applause when they heard the prize money was to be given to charity. The only downside is that we will have to wait until April and the Spring TT to see what Fullarton speed merchant Scott McKendrick is truly capable of. He was predicting outright victory but due to the race finishing early, did not start.