The Fullarton Nighthawks have been out this week earning their wings. Meeting at Gailes on Thursday the small group was this time comprised of Ally Kinnaird, Gordon Wallace, Guy Walker, Mikey Allen, Colin Gillies, Kevin Muir and Colin Broadfoot. The ride began with a dash to Monkton, HMS Gannet, Bourtreebush, and onwards for a speedy pitch black descent into Fail (the proper noun rather than the verb). The going was quite heavy on the winter bikes and with thick layers of clothing, but needs must: it was cold and clear. One of the advantages of night riding isn't just the quiet roads, but on Thursday it was the view of the unusual Super Blue Blood Moon. Left at Boydston, then left again for the climb up to Craigie, this was the back of beyond. Looping back towards Bogend we happened to run into youth super-star rider Cameron Raeside going the other way. He quickly joined the group for a spin up to Symington and home. Distance covered was approximately 30 miles at an average speed of 16mph, which feels a lot faster in the dark.