There was no pretence this time. Organisers of the Fullarton Wheeler's Winter League, Jim Seenan and Stephen Cassidy, described the virtual road course for Event 7 simply as 'tough'. It didn’t sound like it. It was only 1.5 miles long, but all of it was steeply uphill. Unfortunately our new stationary trainers are able to mimic hills exceptionally well so it wasn’t pretty. There were thirty three competitors and Sean Barron, who by no coincidence also leads the power to weight competition, won. Standing on the sidelines as Derek Skinner passed the one mile mark, Barron was heard to say "it’s in the bag". A time of 7 minutes and 3 seconds was enough to beat second place Skinner by 39 seconds, and third place John Todd by 42 seconds. Todd, however, consolidates his powerhouse reputation by producing a mighty 381 watts which is precisely half a horsepower. Also deserving of mention is experienced Dalry-based roadman Scott McKendrick, with his time of 8 minutes 57 seconds. Unfortunately his lead in the Handicap Competition was stolen by Catherine Logan, who continued her well-deserved winning form with a time of 9 minutes 38 seconds. Magnanimous in defeat, as ever, McKendrick remains determined to push the limits of middle age physiology with his innovative training program. Winter League Event 8 is on 12th February.