Cape Town, South Africa. This was the virtual road course chosen for Winter League Event 6. Organisers Stephen Cassidy and Jim Seenan described it as 'easy' and 'tranquil'. None of which was true. Nineteen riders turned up to The Barn and rapidly turned into red-faced perspiring wrecks on the new turbo trainers. Once again the results were extremely close. Catherine Logan pipped Natalie Hunter by four seconds to win the Female competition in a time of 16:55, with Rebecca Murdoch coming over the line in 20:05. In the Men's competition Sean Barron took no pleasure whatsoever in beating Club Chairman Derek Skinner into second place by 20 seconds, with a time over the 'easy, tranquil' course of 13 mins 25 seconds. In third place was John Todd followed by Gordon Graham, who scraped in under the 14 minute cut off. This has been an incredibly close and hard fought competition. The overall standings after six events are: Catherine Logan, Natalie Hunter and Rebecca Murdoch in first second and third places respectively. In the men's overall standings are first place John Todd, second place Sean Barron, and third place Chris Blakely. The handicap competition is currently headed up by Catherine Logan, followed by George Gass and David Reid. Winter League Event 7 is on 29th January.