Twelve riders arrived for the weekly Sunday Club Run, which as ever departed from Irvine Cross at 09:30. It was a bright but bitterly cold day, with plenty of icy patches on the roads. Nonetheless, new member Joe Boyle duly arrived in shorts, assuring everyone that he didn't really feel the cold. Heading towards Dreghorn was akin to the climate apocalypse scene out of the film Day After Tomorrow. The temperature dropped and dropped, and with it the complaints got louder and louder. So much so that by the time Kilmaurs arrived three riders, including club chairman Derek Skinner, had darted off to the ever popular Rendezvous Cafe, arriving just as the shutters were going up. Nine riders continued onwards to the old A77, heading all the way to the outskirts of Glasgow. By now the temperature was reaching a balmy one degree centigrade, and the pace lifted a little on the long downhill gradient through Stewarton and back into Kilmaurs for a second sitting at the Rendezvous. Distances covered ranged from a rather paltry 18 miles up to a much more impressive 50 miles. No complaints about the cold were heard from short wearing Joe Boyle.