It's time to recognise this year's cycling achievements with the annual FWCC Awards Night. This year it was held at Hamiltons in Irvine. The winners were: 10 Mile Scratch Champion, Gordon Stead; 10 Mile Ladies Champion (Cowan Trophy), Aileen Clyde; 25 Mile Scratch Champion, Darren Kean; 25 Mile Ladies Champion, Aileen Clyde; Hill Climb Champion (Iain O'May Trophy), Sean Barron; Road Race Champion (Brown Trophy), Zoe Watters; Bill Moore Trophy: Darren Kean; Mixed Ability 2 Up Trophy, Howie Christie & Jim Ryland; Weideger Trophy (Ardrossan Dams), Sean Barron; Summer League Winner (Shewalton Trophy), Sean Barron; Summer League Runner Up, Michael Allen; Summer League 3rd Place, Chris Blakely; Summer League Ladies Winner, Aileen Clyde; Summer League Veterans Winner, Guy Walker; Winter League Winner, Darren Kean; Winter League Ladies Winner, Catherine Logan; Winter League Knockout Winner, Derek Skinner; Winter League Team Event, John Todd, Mark Kane, Colin Broadfoot & Paul Gillon; Most Improved Rider, Natalie Hunter; Good Guy Trophy, Alan McCall; Most Memorable Ride Of The Year, FWCC Youth Section at Millport; Best Young Rider, Martha Hillard; Most Improved Youth Rider, Conal Davidson