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FWCC Bill Moore Memorial 2017 ON 21/05/2017 at 09:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 Frazer Bell Walkers Cycling Club S Male 23min 21sec
2 Derek Skinner Fullarton Wheelers S Male 23min 14sec
3 Stuart Whitelaw Fruin Road Club V Male 22min 06sec
4 Darren Kean Fullarton Wheelers S Male 20min 55sec
5 David Fulton Carrick Cycling Club V Male 24min 31sec
6 Gary Bratt Fruin Road Club V Male 22min 15sec
7 Brian McGhee RC Cumbernauld and Kilsyth V Male 23min 11sec
8 Jim Seenan Fullarton Wheelers V Male 24min 54sec
9 alan graham St Christophers V Male 24min 59sec
10 Colin Meikle St Christophers V Male 23min 45sec
11 Martin Smith St Christophers CC S Male 24min 03sec
12 mark carroll St Christopher's CC V Male 22min 11sec
13 Steven Grier Loudoun Road Club V Male 23min 50sec
14 JOESPH hands VCV S Male 22min 45sec
15 SIMON PORTER Walkers CC V Male 25min 20sec
16 James Truswell vc glasgow south V Male 23min 58sec
17 samuel malcolmson Fullarton Wheelers V Male 25min 09sec
18 Andy Wilson GTR S Male 24min 30sec
19 Alastair McGibbon Ayr Roads CC S Male 22min 10sec
20 Brian Nicol Velo club Vitesse V Male 22min 09sec
21 Jennifer Nicol Velo club Vitesse W Female 28min 32sec
22 HARRY BRAWLEY AYR ROADS CC V Male 23min 57sec
23 Ken tree Deeside Thistle V Male 27min 10sec
24 william mc farlane Dooley's Cycles V Male 22min 24sec
25 JOHN GEMMELL Ayr Roads CC V Male 30min 00sec
26 Joanne Byrne Glasgow United V Male 21min 55sec
27 matt hennon Inverclyde VElo V Male 21min 59sec
28 Greig Mushet Paisley Velo S Male 25min 14sec
29 Jody Gerrard Ayr Roads CC S Male 22min 19sec
30 Graham Smith Law Wheelers V Male 21min 33sec
31 Lewis Duff GTR V Male 21min 20sec
32 Alan McAulay St Christophers CC V Male 24min 10sec
33 Colin J Knott Pedal Power RT V Male 23min 26sec
34 IAN ANDERSON Walkers CC V Male 22min 12sec
35 IAN KING Velocity 44 RT V Male 21min 06sec
36 Allan Duncan Fullarton Wheelers V Male 22min 14sec
37 Kyle Johnston Pro Vision Scotland S Male 21min 38sec
38 Gordon MacRae Pro Vision Scotland J Male 23min 41sec
39 Lorna Todd Walkers CC W Female 26min 30sec
40 scott mckendrick FWCC V Male 24min 02sec
41 ROBERT SHENNAN Johnstone Wheelers V Male 25min 48sec
42 gary currie AYR BURNERS V Male 27min 17sec
43 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads W Female 23min 13sec
44 Catriona MacGillivray RT23 W Female 23min 07sec
45 ewen macgillivray Rt23 S Male 21min 10sec
46 Alan Thomson RT23 S Male 20min 20sec
47 Michael Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers V Male 24min 03sec
48 V Martin www.dooleys-cycles.co.uk V Female 25min 45sec
49 Steven Lawley Metaltek kuota S Male 20min 14sec
50 Richard Montague Johnstone Wheelers CC V Male 21min 09sec
51 David Mitchell Kilmaurs V Male 24min 03sec
52 JOHN GALLAGHER Royal Albert cc V Male 25min 01sec
53 Fred Connor VC Glasgow South V Male 22min 57sec
54 Brian Muir Royal Albert CC V Male 21min 30sec
55 Graeme Brown Unattached V Male 24min 42sec
56 MR JAMES HALL Rock & Road V Male 21min 50sec
57 Iain Binning Stirling BC V Male 24min 28sec
58 Derek Gibb St christophers cc S Male 24min 48sec
59 john johnstone icarus racing V Male 22min 23sec
60 Luke Johnstone Falkirk Bike CLub S Male 25min 15sec
61 Steven Smith Royal Albert CC V Male 23min 01sec
62 Vince Wells N/A V Male 24min 16sec
63 Marc Anderson Loudoun road club S Male 21min 23sec
64 Chris Blakely Fullarton Wheelers V Male 23min 18sec
65 scott gourlay Fullarton Wheelers S Male 24min 19sec
66 william macdonald JWCC V Male 23min 10sec
67 Paul Keoghan Royal Albert CC V Male 22min 41sec
68 marc Kelly Johnstone Wheelers S Male 22min 19sec
69 Aileen Clyde FWCC W Female 24min 37sec
70 michael robb Carrick cycling club S Male 21min 01sec
71 Calum MacDonald Ayr Roads S Male 22min 14sec
72 GEORGE DONNELLY Johnstone Wheelers V Male 23min 40sec
73 Martin Shields Fullarton Wheelers V Male 24min 36sec
74 Catherine Logan Fullarton Wheelers W Female 24min 26sec
75 michaela baird Loudoun R C V Male 21min 31sec
76 Stephen Beech RT 23 V Male 22min 55sec
77 Gordon Graham Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 32sec
78 Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers W Female 24min 10sec
79 Ruairidh Brown Glasgow Cycle Team S Male 25min 10sec
80 Paul Leavy Johnstone Wheelers CC V Male 22min 59sec
81 Steven Fullerton Darlington CC V Male 19min 58sec
82 Robert Armour Road Club Cumbernauld & Kilsyth V Male 27min 07sec
83 Rory Porteous RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth S Male 23min 21sec
84 CARLOS RIISE Shetland Wheelers V Male 20min 52sec
85 paula brown Carrick cc V Male 27min 59sec
86 Sadiq Mir West Lothian Clarion S Male 22min 00sec
87 Paul McLafferty Dooleys RT S Male 21min 08sec
88 Duncan Macarthur Ayr Roads CC V Male 23min 37sec
89 Chris Smart Gtr S Male 19min 46sec
90 jamie jamieson Loudoun Road Club S Male 25min 00sec
91 a j mccall Fullerton wheelers V Male 24min 36sec
92 Lindsay Foster Hitchin Nomads CC V Male 26min 23sec
93 Pamela Craig RCCK W Female 24min 00sec
94 sean quinn law wheelers V Male 21min 48sec
95 ANNE MCGOWAN pedal power rt V Male 23min 11sec
96 Caroline Marshall Royal Albert CC S Male 24min 07sec
97 Sarah Williams West Lothian Clarion W Female 26min 43sec
98 William Munro glasgow wheelers V Male 23min 27sec
99 Iain Duguid SVTTA V Male 21min 13sec
100 Callum Shackley glasgow Cycle Team J Male 22min 08sec
101 edward shackley glasgow ivy cc V Male 24min 15sec
102 Scott Maclean Pro Vision Scotland V Male 22min 34sec
103 Ian Dobbie West Lothian Clarion V Male 22min 25sec
104 Gary Kelly Paisley Velo CC S Male 25min 45sec
105 Mark Skilling Carrick CC V Male 20min 57sec
106 kenneth Armstrong Carsick Cycling Club S Male 20min 21sec
107 Robert Clements Law Wheelers V Male 27min 06sec
108 jim mondeo Loudoun Road Club V Male 32min 50sec
109 TIMOTHY MAY Peebles CC V Male 26min 05sec
110 Andrew Wilson St christopher's CC V Male 27min 28sec
111 Billy Brierley St christopher's CC V Male 26min 27sec
112 MR Darren T Ridout Walkers Cycling Club S Male 26min 39sec
113 Andrew Smith VC Glasgow South V Male 25min 40sec
114 STEPHEN WATTERS Fullarton Wheelers V Male 23min 30sec
115 Mark Provan Fullarton Wheelers S Male 28min 00sec
116 Keith Anderson Pro-Am rc V Male 22min 18sec
117 John Dunlop Loudoun RC S Male 21min 03sec
118 David Blockley RT23 V Male 24min 03sec
119 brian kerr Fullarton wheelers S Male 27min 00sec
120 steven maclean Ayr Road CC V Male 25min 12sec


Made up of 120 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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