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FWCC Ice Breaker 2-up Time Trial ON 22/02/2015 at 09:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 Brian Muir
Team Members
'Neil Muir'
Royal Albert CC V Male 21min 52sec
2 Alan Rutherford
Team Members
'William Brierly '
St Christopher's EK V Male 24min 32sec
3 Drew Jardine
Team Members
'Kenny Campbell'
ROYAL ALBERT CC 4 Male 26min 15sec
4 Alastair Macfarlane
Team Members
'Kenny Girvan'
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 22min 59sec
5 Frazer Bell
Team Members
'Tommy Gribbon'
Walkers CC 4 Male 23min 48sec
6 Steven Smith
Team Members
'Martin McNeely'
Royal Albert CC V Male 23min 01sec
7 Alastair McGibbon
Team Members
'Kevin Brown'
Ayr Roads CC 4 Male 22min 10sec
8 David McCormack
Team Members
'Scott Bradley'
Paisley Velo RT 4 Male 22min 28sec
9 mark kennedy
Team Members
'Paul Kennedy'
Road Club Cumbernauld & Kilsyth 4 Male 26min 00sec
10 Andrew Dobinson
Team Members
'Chris Hinds'
Glasgow Green Cycle Club 4 Male 26min 17sec
11 Christopher Mcewan
Team Members
'Michael Lavery'
Road Club Cumbernauld and Kilsyth 4 Male 30min 0sec
12 paul bailey
Team Members
'Keith Morley'
Glasgow Green CC V Male 26min 0sec
13 Allan Dickson
Team Members
'Neil Gardiner'
Glasgow Creen Cycle Club V Male 25min 00sec
14 Kevin Smith
Team Members
'James Taylor'
RCCK S Male 28min 0sec
Team Members
'John Walker'
Lomond Roads C.C. 3 Male 22min 05sec
16 Richard sutherland
Team Members
'Andrew Prenelle'
Icarus Racing 3 Male 21min 20sec
17 Gary Bratt
Team Members
'Stuart Whitelaw'
Lomond Roads CC S Male 22min 14sec
18 Neill Kemp
Team Members
'Richard McGhee'
Glasgow Nightingale 2 Male 22min 01sec
19 Mark Skilling
Team Members
'Mick Robb'
CCC 3 Male 21min 14sec
20 Vince Wells
Team Members
'Iain Martin'
Glasgow Green V Male 24min 03sec
21 Robert Martin
Team Members
'Kallen Kerr'
Glasgow Wheelers 4 Male 24min 15sec
22 Andrew McGhee
Team Members
'Stephen Malaney '
Glasgow Couriers CC 4 Male 22min 23sec
23 Michael Curran
Team Members
'Calum Hume'
Ayr Roads CC 3 Male 21min 52sec
24 Jonny May
Team Members
'Ken Russell'
Edinburgh RC V Male 22min 31sec
25 Lorna Ferguson
Team Members
'Chris Murray'
Glasgow Green Cycle Club W Female 27min 24sec
26 Ross Dymock
Team Members
'Gavin Dempster'
Glasgow Green CC 2 Male 21min 58sec
27 Jason Smith
Team Members
'Richard Warnock'
Glasgow Green CC 3 Male 23min 00sec
28 Iain Elliott
Team Members
'Sadiq Mir'
West Lothian Clarion V Male 20min 17sec
29 mark gallagher
Team Members
'Michael Dougall'
Glasgow Green Cycle Club V Male 27min 15sec
30 David Anderson
Team Members
'Craig Cowan'
RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth 4 Male 24min 01sec
31 Colin Meikle
Team Members
'Alan Graham'
St Christophers V Male 23min 35sec
Team Members
'Derek Smith'
Royal Albert CC V Male 27min 30sec
33 Andrew Phillips
Team Members
'Roddy Wylie '
Road Club Cumbernauld and Kilsyth 4 Male 27min 26sec
34 David M Beattie
Team Members
'Wilson Renwick'
Hawick c c 4 Male 22min 59sec
35 Toni McIntosh
Team Members
'Lynne Wardrop'
Ayr Roads CC W Female 23min 13sec
36 Kenny Morrice
Team Members
'Steve Macluskie'
VC Glasgow South 4 Male 23min 08sec
37 Gavin Thomson
Team Members
'David Dalziel'
Glasgow Nightingale 3 Male 22min 50sec
38 Karl Farmer
Team Members
'David Morrison '
VCGS Please select Male 23min 47sec
Team Members
'Bryce Gillen'
Wallkers CC 4 Male 22min 38sec
40 Ben Peacock
Team Members
'Barry Wilson'
billy bilsland cycles S Male 19min 38sec
41 Lorna Sloan
Team Members
'Not confirmed'
Walkers CC and Ayro TC W Female 27min 15sec
42 Alan McAulay
Team Members
'Colin Gillespie'
St Christophers CC V Male 24min 10sec
43 Steven Grier
Team Members
'Sandy Auston'
Loudoun RC V Male 24min 59sec
44 paul macskimming
Team Members
'William Cook'
Royal Albert cc 4 Male 27min 56sec
45 Jennifer Nicol
Team Members
'Brian Nicol'
Fullarton W Female 28min 40sec
46 James Gladwell
Team Members
'Ronnie Todd (Loudoun Road Club)'
Down's Syndrome Association V Male 0min 0sec
47 David Griffiths
Team Members
'David Griffiths, Andrew Whitehall(subject to change)'
Glasgow Wheelers 1 Male 20min 40sec
48 mr hayes
Team Members
'James watson'
Edinburgh rc Please select Male 23min 07sec
49 Derek Skinner
Team Members
'Derek Skinner'
Fullarton Wheelers V Please select 25min 08sec
50 David Dymock
Team Members
'Craig Dymock'
Glasgow Green Cycle Club V Male 27min 0sec
51 Clare Scott
Team Members
'Marc Anderson'
loudoun rc 4 Male 22min 00sec
52 a j mccall
Team Members
'hugh murray'
fullarton wheelers V Male 24min 36sec
53 Scott Maclean
Team Members
'Paul McGee'
Ayr Roads CC 4 Male 23min 43sec
54 Jay Groom
Team Members
'Tony Nugent'
Royal Albert V Male 23min 01sec
55 Sean Barron
Team Members
'Gordon Mclarnon'
Fullarton Wheelers S Male 25min 55sec
56 Aileen Clyde
Team Members
'Sarah Francis'
Fullarton Wheelers W Female 27min 20sec
57 Jim Ryland
Team Members
'Gordon Graham'
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 48sec
58 Gordon Stead
Team Members
'Darren Kean'
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 36sec
59 Gordon Dick
Team Members
'martin edgar'
Lomond roads V Male 22min 45sec


Made up of 59 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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