Welcome to Fullarton Wheelers

Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club is an active club where you will be made most welcome should wish to join us. Fullarton Wheelers organises a range of Club activities including leisurely group rides, some mountain biking and some racing.

On the more social side there is the informal Monday night club nights and the Sunday Club Runs - both of these are ideal if you want to meet some Fullarton Wheelers members and find out more about the club. We also have a Winter Training League which is held indoors at our Club Nights using Tacx Fortious - Virtual Reality Trainers.

Each year Fullarton Wheelers organises a club racing league - league events are open to all members as well as being free. In addition, Fullarton Wheelers also organises a few 'open' races which are run under the auspices of Scottish Cycling.

For the latest information please view the chatroom or get in touch using the contact form.

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Fullarton Wheeler’s Mixed Ability Time Trial

The purpose of Fullarton Wheeler's cycle club is to enable people to enjoy cycling to the best of their abilities. What better way than to match different abilities in two person teams and send them off on a short 6.5 mile time trial. This is the not entirely serious FWCC Mixed Ability event which took place on Sunday. Some of the pairings were most peculiar. Legendary lung capacity speedster Gordon Stead was paired with legendary heart and lung transplantee Stevie Donaldson. Comp... Read more >

Tour de Trossacks

A late season favourite is the Tour de Trossacks organised by Glasgow Ivy Cycling Club. It couldn’t be further removed from the normal ruler flat time trial courses held on local by-passes if it tried. Departing from just outside Aberfoyle it's straight up the 240 meter Dukes Pass, right turn along the shore of Loch Venachar, right again along the forest road to Thornhill, then a final right turn past the Lake of Mentieth to the finish. Twenty eight miles of pain where any poss... Read more >

Fullarton Wheeler's Hill Climb Championship

FWCC are clinging in vain to the idea that it is still summer, with the final event in the 2018 summer league occurring on Sunday: the hill climb. Named in memory of great friend and excellent hill climber Iain O'May, this event is a regular end-of-season fixture. The marker post between the hard charging racing season and the steady autumn and winter club runs. Ideal summer conditions were pouring from the sky above the infamous Fairlie Moor road outside Largs, and a less than balm... Read more >

The Season That Keeps Giving for Veteran FWCC Riders

FWCC time trial super star Gordon Graham has been back in action, wringing every last drop of racing form from an already successful season. The event was the Scottish Veteran’s TT Association 15 mile time trial for riders over the age of forty. It is often easy to forget, with his full head of luscious hair and boyish good looks, that rider Graham is in fact over 40, but clearly age and guile trumps youth and inexperience every time. A point amply demonstrated with a ninth pla... Read more >

A Little Organisation Goes a Long Way

Since 1934 there have been enough people in the Irvine area with a shared interest in cycling for them to gather around the idea of a cycling club. It's a living and breathing thing. Many of the founder members are long passed, and while there have been key individuals who featured heavily in FWCC history the club constantly evolves. The small committee of five years ago is different from the committee of today, and will no doubt be different again in future. It’s all about an... Read more >

FWCC Follow the Wheel of Ultra-Endurance Cyclist Mark Beaumont from Campbeltown to Aberdeen in Aid of the STV Children’s

There are residents of the Kintyre Peninsula who have never been to Aberdeen. A car journey from Campbeltown to Aberdeen would be a major undertaking. Tackling the 240 mile journey by bike is of another order entirely. This was the route ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont followed when training for his round the world cycling record, and he returned on Sunday with seventy other riders to re-enact the ride in aid of the STV Children’s Appeal. The first and by far the most si... Read more >

We Live (Ride?) in a Material World

Sunday runs these past couple of weeks have been somewhat depleted due to end of season racing in Bute and this week's mega endurance ride to Aberdeen. Nonetheless, four hardy stalwarts arrived at Irvine Cross at 09:30 to ensure the eternal flame of Sunday cycling never gets extinguished. The group wound their way through Kilwinning for a look at the new Dalry bypass, onwards past the DSM factory, then out into some countryside proper with a climb up the Hilly Brae. Cresting the sum... Read more >

On Form Gordon Graham Powers Uphill into the Wind

Commonwealth Games cycling star Harry Tanfield put in a masterful performance over the painfully hilly ten mile Rothesay Weekend time trial, putting over 50 seconds into second placed Chris Smart with a time of 21:04. Gordon Graham, however, rounds off an amazing season by leading out the FWCC team by placing 18th in a highly competitive event in a time of 25:30, closely followed by Derek Skinner in 19th (25:39) and Alan Duncan in 20th (25:42). On a difficult uphill course, with stro... Read more >

Time Trial Star Skinner Surprises in Bute Road Race

Sunday saw the exciting Rothesay Cycling Festival road race take place over the hilly twenty mile Bute Island Circuit. Expert time trialist Derek Skinner somehow found himself in the (very) loosely titled novice road race. With corners being tackled like the professionals, and athleticism one would not normally see this side of the Vuelta d'Espana, the so-called 'novices' roared around the island for a thrilling finish in Rothesay. Nobody was more surprised than rider Skinner to ach... Read more >

Retro riders McKendrick and Walker Stun in Two-Up Time Trial

Not since Eddie Mercx has a victory been so total, so complete, and so crushing as that witnessed by the crowds in Rothesay on Saturday when Fullarton's star retro pairing of McKendrick and Walker dominated their category. They not only achieved outright victory in the highly competitive retro bike classification (there was only one other competitor), but they took the scalp of Commonwealth Games champion Harry Tanfield. It was as if he was walking in the opposite direction with a pu... Read more >