Report from Kames Coaching

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Report from Kames Coaching

Post by Dave_Walker » Mon 03 Oct, 2016 2:54 pm

Saturday afternoon saw virtually the whole youth section head south to Muirkirk to the East Ayrshire Motorsport Circuit for a two hour closed road coaching session. The circuit is used by the East Kilbride Road Club for their youth crits throughout the season, and for few, they were on familiar territory. Some “older youths” came along too as they wanted to race a little on the circuit. Once they had finished playing, the track was cleared ready to begin.

With ages ranging from 7 to 15, the youngsters headed off on a few warm-up laps of the circuit under closer supervision. Although most had road bikes, Ben Raleigh was there with his favourite MTB and Conal Davidson borrowed his mums CX bike. He was warned not to crash!!
First up was a timed flying lap, the results of which would be key later on in the afternoon. All were in competitive mode and each put in a great performance and waited to find out their time. Once everyone caught their breath, Gordon & Brian split the group into two and focused on the first step of group riding.

Those novice riders were taken through a walking demonstration before reaching for their bikes to put the newly learned skills into practise. Working in pairs, the kids took turns at pushing each other to simulate close riding technique and etiquette. Both sides were practised, but kids being kids, most had a favourite arm to take off the handlebars.

While the adults and “older youths” sat in sunshine enjoying a coffee, the youngers progressed to small bunch riding taking turns on the front and circulating through the pack. Gordon had his work cut out keeping the speeds of some down while other executed the technique with perfection.
At the same time Brian began some cornering coaching with Martha & Zoe, the clubs racing superstars. With a key emphasis on safety, they worked through bike handling skills, speed assessment and apex lines. After some 15 minutes some exemplary riding was on show and all were rewarded with a break and sweets.

Next up was the slow race where the kids had to get from A to B in the slowest time possible without putting a foot on the ground. Some are so competitive and young Karsyn Baird was first over the line on each race. Isla Muirhead held the advantage here displaying some nifty track stands learned at the velodrome.

The final two segments had the kids cycling past Gordon, reaching out for a bottle before passing it back a few metres later. As they progressed, the height was lowered and lowered until all bottles were on the ground. Flexibility and skills were being tested to the full.

To finish off the afternoon, a pursuit race was organised with the slower riders from the earlier flying lap off first. Little Ben took off like a shot and with a 7 seconds start ahead of Kyle Maitland, he was determined to win. Further down the order, battle faces were evident, parents were talking tactics and Ben Allen just wanted more sweets. It was close between Martha and Zoe, Blair Burns turned in a great performance but it was young Kyle to took the win with little Ben 2nd and Erica Davidson 3rd.

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Re: Report from Kames Coaching

Post by Brian_Loye » Mon 03 Oct, 2016 3:58 pm

Good report Dave. However, you forgot to mention how Mikey Allen got on in the final race - even last place deserves a wee mention.

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Re: Report from Kames Coaching

Post by Michael_Allen » Mon 03 Oct, 2016 10:04 pm

Yes, seemingly zoe Watters was telling my son at school how she beat me
Was I last
At least I mastered the bottle thing, expertly
Always room to improve
Walked on a tidal wave
Laughed in the face of a brand new day
Food for survival thought
Mapped out the place where I planned to stay

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