Arran provisionally for Sunday 28th August.

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Re: Arran provisionally for Sunday 28th August.

Post by Hyland » Sun 28 Aug, 2011 6:10 pm

Thanks James Mac for making the organised club run today,
Enjoyed your company on what was a breezy run to lochranza with a good tail wind for the rest of the way. Machrie tea room still as warm as ever. James your showing great improvment getting round in 4hrs. a few more of the clubs 50 members would have been a welcome sight going into the wind, however was not to be as other run organised.
Well done to the club captain on making it over to Arran to meet us at Blackwater foot albeit with a bit heavy legged after riding the 25tt in the morning ,say's a lot about your charecter Davie.



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Michael Curran
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Re: Arran provisionally for Sunday 28th August.

Post by Michael Curran » Sun 28 Aug, 2011 6:41 pm

Glad you guys had a good run round the sunshine island, and well done to Jimmy for making it round in such a respectable time.

Sorry I didn't make it across, but one look out the window at 7am after 3 hours sleep, I thought I'd be much better off hiding from the wind in the bigger group. Thought it would have been a shorter run also but ended up being a fast paced run of some 50 odd miles. Phew!! Would have loved to go round Arran though, not been across with the bike since 2009. Might make it next year.......

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Re: Arran provisionally for Sunday 28th August.

Post by Kevin_Brown » Sun 28 Aug, 2011 6:53 pm

good run today guys :D wasn't all that bad getting back on the good old Scottish roads! some wind all the same.hope you all have a good run tomorrow night,im working til 10pm and also working Sunday :( catch you all soon.stay safe.


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Re: Arran provisionally for Sunday 28th August.

Post by Gordon_Graham » Sun 28 Aug, 2011 8:09 pm

Apologies for not making the run round Arran, Hyland. There was just too little time between me finishing and the Arran ferry leaving at 12.30, otherwise I would have joined David. I'd have needed a shower and a change into dry cycling clothes before heading over though.

It's a shame the Arran run lacked support. Perhaps another time and when the weather is better.

I spent the afternoon getting my track bike fixed up for Wednesday nights 10 at Bishopton. It's looking a much better night as far as wind is concerned. A big field and a good turnout by the Fullarton at this one.

Cheers, GG.