Mussleburgh X3 TTT

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Mussleburgh X3 TTT

Post by Hyland » Mon 15 Mar, 2010 8:26 pm

Well done guys in the X3TTT some realy fast times, i assume was decent weather, a testy wee course up there, well done for flying the fullarton flag, you's must have turned a few heads with the new Kit on..guys with lycra fettishes checking out th Hoff :lol:
placing baffled me 32nd when your time should have put you 15th? i assume 3 men have to finsh for time to count.

D. McL.
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Re: Mussleburgh X3 TTT

Post by D. McL. » Fri 19 Mar, 2010 5:47 pm

Hello H,

We had mechanical trouble in the first lap which upset the rhythm. We assumed Jim had to chuck it due the problem, but he managed to borrow tools and do a quick fix repair and rode the next two laps solo. The time keepers must have missed him as we were one of the last teams on the start line.

Great course, only one pot hole in 8.1 miles! Wish it was like this in Ayrshire.