Argyll Run on Sunday 17/05/09.

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D. McL.
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Argyll Run on Sunday 17/05/09.

Post by D. McL. » Wed 06 May, 2009 8:31 pm

Hi Folks,

The Argyll run is fast approaching.

The itinerary is as follows.

STARTING POINT: Meet at Wemyss Bay ferry terminal @ 9.00am.
At this point we will decide on which route you prefer and we will purchase tickets accordingly.

ROUTE A: Board the 10.15am Cal-Mac Ferry to Rothesay. Cycle the circular route on A844 round Bute and re-group back at the ferry terminal. Distance 20 miles.

ROUTE B: As above, but cycle up to Rhubodach and back down on A886 and re-group at Rothesay ferry terminal.
Distance 30 miles.

ROUTE C: Meet at Wemyss Bay ferry terminal. Cycle up the coast to Gourock and board the 10.20am Cal-Mac ferry to Dunoon. Cycle northwards on A815 past Loch Eck to Strachur for a cafe stop. Then onwards on A886 through Glendaruel Forest (road, not a mountain bike trail) and down through the Kyles of Bute to Colintraive then board the ferry for the 5 minute crossing to Rhubodach. Cycle down to the ferry terminal at Rothesay where we will ALL re-group again before boarding the ferry for Wemyss Bay to take us back to our STARTING POINT.
Distance 53 miles.

These are ideal routes for beginners to come along and join our experienced riders and enjoy a great day out. :D


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Re: Argyll Run on Sunday 17/05/09.

Post by Raymond » Thu 07 May, 2009 7:24 pm

Could I give another route suggestion, its a variation on your Route C. The main difference being that it takes you onto more singletrack roads & you get to see more of Bute. I've done it a few times & enjoyed it.

Park at Wemyss Bay, cycle to Gourock to catch Calmac ferry to Dunoon. Cycle northwards out of Dunoon & take the first left onto the B836, continue past Loch Striven to the junction with the A886, turn left & cycle down here a few miles, then take a right onto the scenic B886 road to Colintraive. Catch the ferry across to Bute, then cycle down to Port Bannatyne, turn right onto the A844 then cycle anti-clockwise round Bute, finishing in Rothesay, then ferry back to Wemyss Bay. Distance is around 55 miles.


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Re: Argyll Run on Sunday 17/05/09.

Post by Gordon_Graham » Fri 08 May, 2009 6:02 pm

Hello guys,

I've just checked out the routes on the map. I like Raymond's idea. It would give slower riders the opportunity to head for Rothesay on the return while other can continue round the isle. There's also a couple of chances to continue a little further for the slower riders and cut back to Rothesay on the B878 or B881.

The Strachur route also looks excellent.

Here's hoping the weather will offer us something better than we've had this week!

Cheers, Gordon.

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Re: Argyll Run on Sunday 17/05/09.

Post by Willie Stephen » Thu 14 May, 2009 10:30 pm

Hi Folks
Just a quick note to say that i will lead the round Rothesay run on Sunday as i will have Josh on the Tandem with me, anybody who is not sure of the island can rest a sure i know the roads and will return you safe and well to the ferry terminal .

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